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Remote Assistant

If you have a technical problem that you are unable to solve it yourself, I will try to solve it for you, not all problems can be solved via remote access since some of them need physical access or boot into special environments that remote connections wont work there, but usually problems like broken programs, malware infections and common maintenance can be done via remote connections.


By Requesting Remote Assistant you agree that you have read and understand this agreement:
  • I will help only with Windows and Linux operation systems.
  • I will not be responsible for any kind of data-loss that may happen during repair and maintenance.
  • My service is totally free and no payment is needed.
  • There are no guarantee if all problems can be solved.
  • You will be giving full access of your computer to me during the time I'm working on your computer.
  • You will trust me for what I do.


To schedule best time for the remote session, first you can look at the my calendar to find my free times and then find which time is best for you and then contact me via your preferred method to let me know which time is best for you, if I've been free too, we will start the session on the scheduled time.

How to use my service?

  1. Download and install TeamViewer program (That's easy): TeamViewer
  2. Its better you disable the Windows user account password while I'm working in your computer, so I can reboot your computer easier. (Not mandatory)
  3. After install and configure the TeamViewer program TeamViewer will show you an ID and Password, send them to me and don't close the TeamViewer program.