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Creation of CD

Note: It is strongly advised to create Avira Rescue CD on a clean PC, not the PC on which you will run it.

To use your own burning tool

To use its own burning tool

  1. Download the last version of Avira Rescue CD to a clean system (other than your infected computer) [Click Here to Download it]
  2. Insert a blank or rewritable CD/DVD in your burning device.
  3. Double-click on the rescue_system-common-en.exe icon and, for Windows Vista and Windows 7, confirm Windows security warning.
  4. A window opens.
    1. If you use a rewritable CD/DVD, you will be asked if you wish to erase it. Click on Yes and wait that the procedure ends.

    2. Your burning device must appear in the list. Choose it and click on Burn CD to burn the Rescue CD. A message reports that the CD was well burnt.

  5. Now you can use this to Boot your infected computer, read how here: Boot from RescueCD