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Savvy Internet users are aware that the threat from malware, spyware, identity theft and annoying spam is increasing. WOT provides an extra layer of protection that traditional security software can't. WOT mission is to make the Internet more secure by giving you an opportunity to share your experiences of websites and the services they offer with others.

What is WOT?

Web of Trust (WOT) is a community dedicated to making the Internet safer for everyone. 

The WOT addon for Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome lets you see a site's ratings before you click on it. WOT traffic-light style icons indicate, at-a-glance, whether a site can be trusted or not, and the scorecard provides you details behind the ratings and a place for you to write comments of your own.

By joining the WOT community you protect yourself and help others at the same time.

Site ratings you can use

User ratings combined with information from numerous trusted sources provides the WOT community with up-to-date information on millions of sites. Registered members can exchange personal knowledge about websites: Can they be trusted? Are they safe to use? Do they deliver what they promise? If a site has a bad reputation, WOT will warn you before you visit it and save you a lot of trouble.

What kind of people use WOT?

People who care about protecting themselves and their family and making the web a safer place to visit use WOT. Our membership consists of security professionals, technology experts, computer enthusiasts, educators, parents and responsible people from all over the world. Both individuals and organizations are welcome to join us. As a community member you can:
  • Make use of our website reputation information while using the Internet
  • Share your knowledge by giving site ratings
  • Make specific comments on a site's scorecard to help others
  • Participate in conversation with other members and gain fresh insights


How do I join WOT?