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This sections names third-party programs which are known to be incompatible to some degree with Sandboxie. In some cases, either Sandboxie or the conflicting program can be configured in some way to resolve the incompatibility.

Many known conflicts can be easily resolved by activating application configurations in Sandboxie Control. For more information on activating configurations, please see Sandbox Settings > Applications. The Software Compatibility tool, reachable from the Configure menu in Sandboxie Control, can detect some third-party software, and recommend configurations to activate.

AnVir Task Manager

Home Page:

Problem: All programs in the sandbox fail to start, and Windows display error "application has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."

Solution: Upgrade AnVir Task Manager to version 6.1.3 or later.

Canon Printers, Canon Easy-WebPrint

Home Page:

Problem: Popup error window: Direct OCR Error: An error with Direct OCR caused a memory conflict in your open applications. Please restart Windows.

Note: Although the Canon Easy-WebPrint toolbar attaches to Internet Explorer, this error reportedly occurs when running Firefox sandboxed.

Solution: Remove the Canon Easy-WebPrint toolbar software.

HP Universal Print Driver

Home Page:

Problem: The HP Universal Printer Status Monitor pop-up component is failing when printing from a sandboxed Web browser.

Solution: Open Sandbox Settings > Resource Access > COM Access, click Add and enter this resource name:


Home Page:

Problem: Printing to a PDF file creates a zero-length output file in the sandbox.

  • Open Sandbox Settings > Applications > Printers, select "ITEKSOFT eDocPrinter PDF" and click Add.
  • Open Sandbox Settings > Applications > Folders, select eDocPrinter, click Add, and select the folder into which you save PDF files.

Naomi Web Filter

Home Page:

Problem: The Web filter (a form of parental controls) is not able to filter content within a sandboxed browser.

Solution: None.

McAfee Viruscan Enterprise 8.7i

Home Page:

Problem: Programs in the sandbox might not disappear from Task Manager even after they have terminated.

Solution: None.

Nuance OmniPage

Home Page:

Problem: Internet Explorer performs very slowly when run sandboxed.

Solution: Use the Startup tab of the System Configuration Utility (msconfig.exe) to disable the automatic start of OpwareSE4.exe.

PC-Tools Spyware Doctor Version 7

Home Page:

Problem: Sandboxie reports error SBIE2310 and does not run programs in the sandbox.

Solution: None. At this time, only one product or the other can be used, but not both at the same time.

PrevX SafeOnline

Home Page:

Problem: The PrevX SafeOnline button does not appear in a web browser running under Sandboxie.

Solution: This conflict can only be resolved by diminishing some of the protection of Sandboxie. To do that, turn on the checkbox in the Sandbox Settings > Accessibility settings page.


Home Page:

Problem: PunkBuster-enabled games are aborted with the message "Unknown Windows API Function" or "Service Communication Failure".

Note: Applies to PunkBuster client version 1.500 or higher.

  • Make sure PunkBuster components (PnkBstrA.exe, PnkBstrB.exe and PnkBstrK.sys) are installed outside the sandbox.
  • Open Sandbox Settings > Resource Access > Window Access, click Add, then enter this resource name:
    * (a single star)

Rising Anti-Virus

Home Page:

  • With Sandboxie 3.28 and later, updates to Rising Anti-Virus may partially disable the protection of Sandboxie
  • With Sandboxie 3.26 and earlier, updates to Rising Anti-Virus crash the system if Sandboxie is installed

Solution: Restart your system following any updates to Rising Anti-Virus.


Home Page:

Problem: Cannot capture sandboxed scrolling window (Web page).


Trusteer Rapport

Home Page:

Problem: Trusteer Rapport software will not install or run under Sandboxie.

Solution: None. To use Trusteer Rapport, run the web browser outside the sandbox.

Webroot AntiSpyware Corporate Edition

Home Page:

Problem: Internet Explorer occasionally fails to add a new favorite.

Solution: Disable the Browser Shield in the Admin Console for the Webroot Corporate Edition.

ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite Version 8

Home Page:

Problem: Computer becomes unresponsive after closing the last sandboxed program.

  • Make sure you are using the latest version of Sandboxie.
  • Or, turn off the ZoneAlarm On-Access Scanning component that interferes with Sandboxie: Open Zone Alarm Control Center > Go to Anti-virus/spyware on the main screen > Click Advanced Options button > Select On-Access Scanning > Clear checkbox for On-Access Scanning