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User Protection

User Protection is a phony security program, designed to infect PC after PC and rip people off. If User Protection has infected your PC, you should remove it immediately.

PC's infected with User Protection usually experience the following:

Constant pop-ups stating the PC is infected and recommending purchase of the program.

System threat scans that report multiple infections and recommends purchase of the program to remove the viruses and spyware found.

Other security programs will be remove form the system (User Protection really like to remove MalwareBytes)

Most programs will not open, but warnings will be displayed saying the program is infected.

System alerts and warnings will be shown stating the PC is unprotected, under attack or infected and suggests buying User Protection.

You should not fall for the above tricks, these are all techniques User Protection will use to trick people into buying the software. User Protection is a complete scam, it will not protected a PC from infections or remove infections. User Protection is a PC infection in itself.

If your computer is infected with this malware, you should remove it soon, visit Virus Removing to learn how to remove it.