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Antimalware Defender

Antimalware Defender is a phony security program, designed to trick people and rip them off. If your PC is infected with Antimalware Defender, you should remove the parasite immediately.

Antimalware Defender is made to look like a legit Windows security program. It will scan the computer and display numerous infections, which are fake, shown only to scare people into buying the software to remove the supposed infections. Antimalware Defender will also display fake pop-up warnings and system alerts stating the PC is infected. Antimalware Defender will make using the PC almost impossible as it will display non-stop warnings and alerts, it will hijack the web browser and make opening other programs impossible. Antimalware Defender is a nasty PC infection.

If your computer is infected with this malware, you should remove it soon, see Virus Removing to learn how to remove it soon.