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AntiMalware - Help Protect Your Computer... Yea Right!

The software says it will "Help Protect your computer" and is titled "AntiMalware", therefor it should be kick-ass security software! I'm sure it's really awesome at removing viruses and malware from my computer... Yea Right! 

AntiMalware so it's called, pictured above is a rogue antimalware software, or a phony. It's designed to rip people off by scaring them with false security warnings and recommending they pay for a license to clean their PC's. Unfortunately once you buy the software, you will quickly realize it is a scam because the security warnings never go away, the software does not remove infections or protect against future infections. AntiMalware is a PC infection in itself.

If your PC is infected with this rogue, you should remove it immediately. Click here to find out how to remove it.