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Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer users must be pay attention on Active Scripting. This is Microsoft’s name for its own implementation of JavaScript, which is widely used on the Internet to provide interactivity on web sites. Active Scripts are programs written in JavaScript, or sometimes Microsoft's VBScript and ActiveX, that enable websites to add specific functionality. Open your Internet Explorer +8, click the Tools menu > Internet Options > Security tab > Internet zone > Select Medium-High and then click on Custom Level > Scroll down to the Scripting section and change the following settings:
  • Click on Disable to Active Scripting.
  • Click on Prompt to Scripting of Java applets.
Click OK and click on Yes when prompted to confirm these security setting changes.
The disadvantage of this procedure is that you manually need to add domains that you want to allow the content to be fully displayed in the Trusted Zone.

Windows Vista / Windows 7 users since Internet Explorer 7, have the Protection Mode option to use. Protected Mode provides security and data protection for these Windows users.